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Actonel 35mg 4 tabs

Actonel 35mg 4 tabs
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Actonel 35mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Aventis

Active Substance: Risedronate Sodium

Pharmacological effect: Actonel is a drug from the group of bisphosphonate. This medication prevents the problems with bones and disruption of the body. It also delays the bone loss. The drug keeps the strength of the bones up. 

Usage: Actonel treats osteoporosis created by menopause, gonadal collapse or steroid use. It is also used in treatment of Paget's malady of bone. The medication is used such as men as women.

Aftereffect: You may face different unpleasant reactions during the therapy with Actonel. More orderly effects are: pain of the stomach or in the abdominal part of the body and skin eruptions. Call emergency if you have these unusual reactions: bone ache, belching, harsh stomach pain, difficulties with swallowing and red or aching eyes.

How to administer (optionally): Acton 35mg is recommended one tab in a week. Do not eat before and after taking the medicine at least 30 minutes. Don't use Actonel with vitamins with minerals, iron additives or with alkaline including calcium, magnesium and aluminium.