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Acnes Treatment

Benzamycine 5%, 3% 46.6g gelCountry of Origin: CanadaActive Substance: Erythromycin and Benzoyl PeroxideDrug Class: Topical Acne AgentsPharmacological effect: Benzamycine is an antibacterial gel. It contains erythromycin. This substance is an antibiotic. This gel stops the bacterial infections from ..
Brand: Eczacibasi
Differin 0.1% GelCountry of Origin: FranceLicense Holder: TaymedManufacturer: Laboratories Galderma Active Substance: AdapaleneDrug Class: Topical acne agentsPharmacological effect: Differin is a medication applied on the skin. It contains adapalene. This substance takes part of the group named ret..
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