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Glucophage 1000mg 100 TabsActive Ingredients: Metformin HydrochlorideManufacturer: Merck SanteLicense Holder: Daiichi SankyoOrigin: FranceDrug Class: Non-sulfonylureasPharmacological effect: Glucophage holds a medicine called metformin. This medicine controls the sugar ..
Januvia 100mg 28 TabsActive Ingredients: Sitagliptine Phospate MonohydrateManufacturer: Merck & Sharp DohmeLicense Holder: Merck Sharp & DohmeOrigin: ItalyDrug Class: Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 inhibitorsPharmacological effect: Januvia is also called sitaglipin. Thi..
Brand: Novo-Nordisk
Novonorm 2mg 90 TabsActive Ingredients: RepaglinideManufacturer: Novo NordiskOrigin: DenmarkPharmacological effect: Novonorm (Prandin) contains a substance named repaglinide. This medication causes the pancreas to deliver more insulin. It controls the level of the sugar in the bl..
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