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Actos 30mg 28 tabs

Actos 30mg 28 tabs
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Actos 30mg Tablets

Country of Origin: Ireland

Active Substance: Pioglitazone

Pharmacological effect: Actos is a medicine which includes a substance named pioglitazone. This drug is from the group of non-diabetic medicines. Actos controls the level of the sugar in the blood. It benefits your body to use and produce insulin better.

Usage: Actos is used in treatment of diabetes type 2. This type of diabetes appears in adulthood. Usually the therapy with Actos is prescript when diets or exercise failed. It starts to work in 3 to 6 months after you start to use it.

Aftereffect: Such as every product Actos may lead to different reactions. Normal effects: chest ache, random breathing or heartbeat, teeth problems, lassitude, swelling of different parts of the body and weight gain. Call emergency if you have reactions like: pain in the arms or feet, bleeding, abnormal sores, unusual weakness and bleak skin.

How to administer (optionally): Take one tab of 15 or 30mg per day. If you have heart problems the recommended dose is 15mg. The maximum dosage is 45mg. Before in increasing the dose consult your doctor about it. Check your weight every day.