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Allegra 180 mg 20 tabs

Allegra 180 mg 20 tabs
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Allegra 180mg Tablets

Country of Origin: USA

Active Substance: Fexofenadine

Pharmacological effect: Allegra is an antihistamine. It blockades histamine during the allergies. Allegra is also named fexofenadine.

Usage: Allegra is used in treatment of different allergic reactions. It is also taken during the allergies caused by seasons. Allegra is recommended such as for adults as for children. This product treats and prevents the watery eyes, sneezing and other allergic reactions.

Aftereffect: Like each product Allegra may cause different unpleasant reactions. Normal effect is vomiting. Unusual effects are: pain in back part of the body, cough, chills, fever, moving troubles, diarrhea, chest ache, pain in ears and eyes, giddiness, headache, stomach sickness, weakness and cold or flu.

How to administer (optionally): Take Allegra 180mg once in a day. Use it just with water. You may consume juices and other fruits after the absorption of the tablet. This dose of Allegra is just for adults and children elder than 12 years. For children younger the dosage is maximum 30mg once daily.