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Allergodil nasal spray 10 ml

Allergodil nasal spray 10 ml
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Allergodil Nasal Spray 10ml

Country of Origin: Germany

Active Substance: Azelastine Hydrochloride

Drug Class: Antihistamines, Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis

Pharmacological effect: Allergodil takes part of a class of antihistamines. The main substance which contains Allergodil is azelastine hydrochloride. The product stops the effect of histamine and that’s how it prevents an allergy.

Usage: Allergodil treats allergic rhinitis. The spray cures sneezing and runny nose. It treats different types of allergies: seasonal, year-round, and caused by irritants.

Aftereffect: Such as every medication the Allergodil nasal spray may cause different unpleasant reactions: dullness, giddiness, nose bleeding, vomiting, sickness in stomach, throat pain, allergy, sneezing, changes in taste, nose ache and fatigue.

How to administer (optionally): Before using the spray clear the nose. The usual dose is one application in each nostril to times a day. It is recommended to children elder than 5 years. Don’t use more than one month.