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Alphagan-P 0.15% eye drops 5 ml

Alphagan-P 0.15% eye drops 5 ml
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Alphagan-P 0.15% 5ml eye drops

Manufacturing Company: Allergan

Active Substance:
Brimonidine Tartrate

Packaging Type: Dropper Bottle

Pharmacological effect: Alphagan-P is an ophthalmic medication. It is also named Brimonidine. This medication decreases the quantity of liquid in the eyes and lowers the tension in the eyes.

Usage: Alphagan-P is used in therapy of glaucoma or hypertension of the eyes. This medication also prohibits the danger of sight waste, nerve affect or sightlessness.

Aftereffect: Alphagan-P may cause different reactions. More usual: sight waste, tearing, double vision, bruise of the eyes, night blindness sensitivity of the light. Abnormal effects: eye ache, sightlessness, bloody eyes, confusion, trouble seeing, changes in color vision, nausea and depression.

How to administer (optionally): Drip one drop in the ill eye or eyes 3 times in a day. The rest time between the dripping should be 8 hours. After dripping close the eyes for 2 minutes for better absorption.