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Andazol 400 mg 60 tabs

Andazol 400 mg 60 tabs
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Andazol 400mg Tablets

Country of Origin: Turkey

Active Substance: Albendazole

Pharmacological effect: Andazol is an anthelmintic medication. This medication kills parasites. It stops the worms from gripping sugar then the worms die.

Usage: Andazol treats neurocysticercosis which is a malady of the nervous system created by worms. It also treats cystic hydatid of the lungs and liver. All these illnesses are produces by worms and parasites of different types.

Aftereffect: Such as every medication Andazol may bring different unpleasant reactions. More usual effects: headache, sickness in stomach, vomiting. Abnormal effects are: different allergic reactions, dull urine, fever, chills, swollen, bleeding, weakness, changes in vision, yellow skin and eyes.

How to administer (optionally): Anadazol is taking with food. People with 60 kilograms or more should take 400mg two times daily. Patients lower than 60 kg have to use 15mg per kg in a day; the dose must be divided in 2 parts. The duration of therapy for people with Hydatid is 28 day cycle with 14 days of resting. Generally the duration is 3 cycles. The duration of treatment for patients with neurocysticercosis is 8 to 30 days.