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Antabus 500 mg 25 tabs

Antabus 500 mg 25 tabs
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Antabus 500mg Tablets

Country of Origin: Turkey (Dumex)

Active Substance: Disulfiram

Drug Class: Drugs used in alcohol dependence

Pharmacological effect: Antabus contains a substance disulfiram. This medication stops an enzyme which is implicated in metabolizing alcohol absorption. Antabus causes very distasteful reactions in combination with alcohol.

Usage: Antabus is used in treatment of chronic alcoholism. It works as a reminder. The medication reduces the desire of consuming alcohol.

Aftereffect: The adverse effects caused by alcohol drunk during the treatment are: palpitations, depressed blood pressure, chest ache, vertigo and headache. The treatment with Antabus may also cause abnormal effects: eye pain, changes in vision, mood changes, numbness and weakness.

How to administer (optionally): The recommended dosage in the first phase of therapy is 500mg once a day in morning for 1-2 weeks. After 2 weeks the dose to maintain the therapy is 125-500mg per day. The therapy should last until the patient starts to control himself.