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Arava 10 mg 30 tabs

Arava 10 mg 30 tabs
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Arava 10mg Tablets

Country of Origin: France

Active Substance: Leflunomide

Drug Class: Antirheumatics Selective Immunosuppressants

Pharmacological effect: Arava contains leflunomide. This substance involves the immune system. The drug inhibits the swelling and inflammation in the organism. It decreases the agony in joints and helps you to move better.

Usage: Arava is used in therapy of rheumatoid arthritis. It treats the junction around the junctures. This product increases the immune system. The medication is also used in therapy of psoriatic arthritis.

Aftereffect: Such as every medication Arava may cause different unpleasant reactions. More normal reactions are: bloody urine, cough, fever, giddiness, awful urination, painful breathing, headache, hurting throat, ache in the chest, yellow skin and eyes, sneezing and vomiting. Abnormal reactions are: diarrhea, burning in fingers, burning in stomach, joint ache, fast and irregular heartbeat and weakness.

How to administer (optionally): The recommended dosage is 10 to 20mg once a day. The effects start after 4-6 weeks. The treatment with Avart may last up to 4-6 months. The start dosage may be 100mg for first 3 days of cure.