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Nebido 250mg/ml 4ml Ampoule Manufacturing Company: Bayer Schering PharmaActive Substance: Testosterone DecanoatePharmacological effect: Nebido is an androgen and an anabolic steroid. This medicine is a pro-drug of testosterone. It's a solution for injection. Yellow oily substance. Each milliliter ..
Primobolan (Rimobolan) Depot 100mg AmpoulesPrimobolan Depot / Rimobolan 100 mg 1 amp Primobolan / Rimobolan is generally known as a mild and safe steroid. This is because its androgenic level is considerably low.  Primobolan / Rimobolan is a softer drug, as its anabolic rating is 68.  P..
Proviron 25mg TabletsProviron is the brand product for the oral androgen mesterolone(1 methyl-dihydrotestosterone). Proviron is used clinically to treat mainly reproductive dysfunctions such as loss of libido, chronic impotency, and low sperm count. Proviron is opted for by many AAS users because i..
Xarelto 20mg 28 TabsActive Ingredients: RivaroxabanManufacturer: Bayer ScheringLicense Holder: BayerOrigin: GermanyPharmacological effect: Xarelto contains rivaroxaban. This medication stops the clots in the blood. This medication is anticoagulant. Usage: Xarelto is used in therapy of blood clots al..
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