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Nebido 250mg/ml 4ml Ampoule Manufacturing Company: Bayer Schering PharmaActive Substance: Testosterone DecanoatePharmacological effect: Nebido is an androgen and an anabolic steroid. This medicine is a pro-drug of testosterone. It's a solution for injection. Yellow oily substance. Each milliliter ..
Primobolan (Rimobolan) Depot 100mg AmpoulesPrimobolan Depot / Rimobolan 100 mg 1 amp Primobolan / Rimobolan is generally known as a mild and safe steroid. This is because its androgenic level is considerably low.  Primobolan / Rimobolan is a softer drug, as its anabolic rating is 68.  P..
Xarelto 20mg 28 TabsActive Ingredients: RivaroxabanManufacturer: Bayer ScheringLicense Holder: BayerOrigin: GermanyPharmacological effect: Xarelto contains rivaroxaban. This medication stops the clots in the blood. This medication is anticoagulant. Usage: Xarelto is used in therapy of blood clots al..
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