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Casodex 150mg 28 tabs

Casodex 150mg 28 tabs
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Casodex 150mg Tablets

Casodex is used together with another hormone to treat prostate cancer.

Casodex is indicated either alone or as adjuvant to radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced prostate cancer at high risk for disease progression
Casodex is also indicated for the management of patients with locally advanced, non-metastatic prostate cancer for whom surgical castration or other medical intervention is not considered appropriate or acceptable.

 Active Ingredient: bicalutamide


Manufacturing Company: AstraZeneca

Active Substance: Bicalutamide

Drug Class: Antiandrogens, Hormones, Antineoplastics

Pharmacological effect: Casodex contains a substance named bicalutamide. This medicine takes part of the group of anti-androgens. It stops the function of male hormones in prostate.

Usage: Casodex is used in therapy of prostate cancer in combination with another medication. It blocks the testosterone and that is how it lowers the growth of cancer cells.

Aftereffect: Casodex may bring different adverse effects such as: weakness, swelling, skin irritations, sickness in stomach, loss of hair, dry skin, pain in chest, giddiness, depression, constipation, loss of appetite and sleepiness.

How to administer (optionally): Take one tablet of Casodex per day. Use it at the same time every day. Swallow the tablet with water regardless of food.