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Concor 5mg 30 tabs

Concor 5mg 30 Tabs

Active Ingredients: Bisoprolol HemiFumarate

Manufacturer: Santa Farma

License Holder: Daiichi Sankyo

Origin: Turkey

Pharmacological effect: Concor (Zebeta) contains a substance named bisoprolol. This medication takes part of the beta-blockers class. It affects epinephrine in the heart and blood vessels.

Usage: Concor is used in therapy of hypertension. This medication also prevents strokes, heart attacks and problems with kidneys. Concor lowers the risk of appearance of heart failure, blood pressure and strains.

Aftereffect: Using Concor adverse effects may occur. Stop administration of the medicine if you have: diarrhea, muscle or joint ache, sleepiness, giddiness, headache, body pain, cough and sneezing.

How to administer (optionally): The start dose is 5mg per day. Take Concor with food. The dosage may be increased maximum till 20mg per day.