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Copegus 200 mg 42 tabs

Copegus 200 mg 42 tabs
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Copegus 200mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Roche

Active Substance: Ribavirin

Drug Class: Inhaled anti-infectives, Purine nucleosides

Pharmacological effect: Copegus contains an ingredient named ribavirin. It is an antiviral substance. This medication inhibits the compounding of different types of viruses.

Usage: Copegus must be used together with other antiviral medications. In combination with other drugs it treats hepatitis C. Copegus prevents liver cancer and cirrhosis. This medication helps liver to recover.

Aftereffect: Check the doctor if you have the following adverse effects: nausea, stomach sickness, diarrhea, giddiness, headache, problems with vision, changes of weight, dry skin, loss of appetite, changes in taste, weakness, irregular heartbeat, yellow eyes and skin, black and bloody stools and different allergic reactions.

How to administer (optionally): Administer the tablet twice daily. The dosage should be divided. Take first dose in morning the second in evening with water. The dosage is prescript according the age and the weight.