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Deltacortril 5mg 20 tabs

Deltacortril 5mg 20 tabs
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Deltacortril 5mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Pfizer

Active Substance: Prednisolone

Drug Class: Glucocorticoids

Pharmacological effect: Deltacortril takes part of the group of steroids. This drug increases your health and well-being. It also affects maladies which conduce to inflammations in the organism.

Usage: Deltacortril has a wide rise of usage. The medication is used in treatment of allergies, inflammations that influences on lungs, heart and blood vessels, kidneys, joints, muscles, eyes, nervous system, skin, tissue, a certain type of cancers. It also inhibits the risk of elimination after a transplant. Deltacortril increases the steroid levels and decreases high calcium level.

Aftereffect: Stop administration of Deltacortril if you have the following allergic reactions: swollen face, puffy, swollen tongue and body, troubles with breath, shock and collapse. Call the doctor if you have abnormal reactions such as inflammation of the pancreas, abdominal ache and painful skin irritations.

How to administer (optionally): Use Deltacortril with food. The start dose is one tablet once a day. After that the doctor may increase the dosage to 4 times per day.