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Differin 0.1% gel 30 g

Differin 0.1% gel 30 g
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Differin 0.1% Gel

Country of Origin: France
License Holder: Taymed
Manufacturer: Laboratories Galderma

Active Substance: Adapalene

Drug Class: Topical acne agents

Pharmacological effect: Differin is a medication applied on the skin. It contains adapalene. This substance takes part of the group named retinoid. This medication increases the growth of cells and decreases the inflammations. Differin is similar to vitamin A. This medication helps the skin to renew.

Usage: Differin is used in therapy of acne. It lowers the acne formation. This medication is recommended to people elder than 12. Differin may be applied on each surface with vulgaris.

Aftereffect: Using Differin you may encounter different adverse reactions. Some of these reactions appear during first month of using: dryness, loss of skin, itching, redness, burning sensation and the worsening of acne.

How to administer (optionally): Before using clean your hands very well and dry them. Use the fingers to apply the gel on the affected zone. Use it before bedtime. Apply it just on the affected skin not lips or eyes.