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Dilatrend 25mg 30 tabs

Dilatrend 25mg 30 tabs
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Dilatrend 25mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Roche

Active Substance: Carvedilol

Drug Class: Non-cardioselective beta blockers

Pharmacological effect: Dilatrend holds a substance named carvedilol. This medication takes part of the group beta-blockers. It relaxes blood vessels and slows the heart rate. Dilatrent has the effect of an antioxidant.

Usage: Dilatrend is used in therapy of hypertension and heart failure. This drug prevents heart attacks. It may be used also after heart attack to help the heart to pump better.

Aftereffect: Using Dilatrend you may encounter different adverse reactions. Usual effects: Allergies, giddiness, slow heartbeat, weight changes, chest discomfort, painfulness and problems with breathing. Unusual reactions: pain of legs and joints, increased urination, chills, dull urine, loss of appetite, stomach pain, itching, nightmares, pallid skin, cough, depression and sweating.

How to administer (optionally): Take Dilatrend one tab two times per day. Every two weeks increase the dosage from 6.25mg to 25mg. Take the drug after a meal in the same time. Do not use it on an empty stomach.