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Lasix 40mg 12 tabs

Lasix 40mg 12 tabs
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Lasix 40mg 12 Tabs

Active Ingredients: Furosemide

Manufacturer: Zentiva

License Holder: Sanofi Aventis

Origin: Turkey

Drug Class: Loop diuretics

Pharmacological effect: Lasix is also called furosemide. It is a diuretic drug. This medicine decreases the absorption of too much salt. Lasix prevents the too frequent urination. 

Usage: Lasix treats edema. It also treats hypertension. This medicine may prevent strokes, kidney problems and heart attacks.

Aftereffect: Treatment with Lasix may bring different adverse effects such as: sore throat, abnormal bleeding, painful urination, pain in glands, fever, wheezing, weakness, headache, chest pain and chills.

How to administer (optionally): Take one tablet once or twice daily. Don’t take at least 4 hours before sleeping.