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Estrofem 2mg 28 tabs

Estrofem 2mg 28 tabs
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Estrofem 2 mg 28 tablets

Drug Class: Estrogens

Active Ingredients: Estradiol

Manufacturer: Novo-Nordisk

Origin: Denmark

Pharmacological effect: Estrofem (Estrace) holds a hormone called estradiol. This medication is for postmenopausal women especially who have had hysterectomy.

Usage: Estrofem is used to decrease the symptoms after menopause. During this period the estrogen level is very small. This may cause different symptoms such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes. Estrofem may decrease this discomfort and to prevent more of these symptoms.

Aftereffect: Using Estrofem you may encounter different adverse reactions such as: fast heartbeat, vaginal infections, fever, vaginal discharge, rashes, itching, burning, irritations, noisy breathing, hoarseness, redness, pain in pelvis, joint pain, chest discomfort, swelling and vaginal bleeding.

How to administer (optionally): Take a tablet once daily. Administer it in the same time. If you have finished the pack, take one more and continue administration.