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Exetu 25mg 30 tabs

Exetu 25mg 30 tabs
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Exetu 25 mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Onko

Active Substance: Exemestane

Drug Class: Aromatase inhibitors, Hormones, antineoplastics

Pharmacological effect: Exetu takes part of the group of aromatase inhibitors. This drug contains exemestane. This substance lowers the quantity of estrogen in the organism.

Usage: Exetu is used in therapy of breast cancer in women after menopause. Lowering the quantity of estrogen Exetu slows the growth of breast cancers.

Aftereffect: Using Exetu you may encounter the following adverse reactions: headache, giddiness, weakness, sleepiness, depression, pain in joints and muscles, pain in stomach, loss of appetite and vomiting.
How to administer (optionally): Use Exetu every day at the same time after a meal. Take one tablet per day.