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Karvea 300 mg 28 tabs

Karvea 300 mg 28 tabs
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Karvea 300mg Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Sanofi Aventis

Active Substance: Irbesartan

Therapeutic Area: Hypertension

Pharmacological effect: Karvea is a medicine which contains an active ingredient Irbesartan. Karvea is an antagonist which prevents problems with blood pressure. Karvea also decreases the problems with kidneys.

Usage: Karvea is used in therapy of essential hypertension. Karvea treats renal disease. It takes care of the kidneys from contamination. Karvea prevents heart attacks.

Aftereffect: Karvea may bring different unpleasant reactions such as: giddiness, lightheadedness and stomach sickness. Call the doctor if you have the following serious effects: fainting, high potassium blood level, weakness, fast heartbeat and kidney troubles.

How to administer (optionally): Take one tablet per day. Swallow it with a glass of water regardless of food. The therapy may be a half an year long. Use it until you start to feel better.