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Pulmicort 100mcg turbuhaler 200 doses

Pulmicort 100mcg turbuhaler 200 doses
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Pulmicort 100mcg Turbuhaler 200 Doses

Active Ingredients: Budesonide

Manufacturer: Astra Zeneca

Origin: Sweden

Pharmacological effect: Pulmicort is an inhaler. This medication contains an ingredient named budesonide. It takes part of a class of corticosteroids. Pulmicort works into the lungs. It eases the breathing and relieves irritations in the airway.

Usage: Pulmicort is used to prevent symptoms of asthma. This inhaler prevents asthma symptoms from appearing. If you have asthma attack use your usual inhaler.

Aftereffect: Using Pulmicort you may encounter the following adverse effects: fungal infections in mouth, cough, hoarse voice, pneumonia, fever, chills, depression, muscle pain and cramps, loss of voice, troubled sleeping, shaking, troubled vision and cataract.

How to administer (optionally): The usual dose is 1-2 inhalations two times a day. Use it in morning and in evening. Your doctor may increase your dosage.