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Seroquel XR 50 mg 30 tabs

Seroquel XR 50 mg 30 tabs
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Seroquel XR 50mg 30 Tabs

Active Ingredients: Quetiapine Fumarate

Manufacturer: Astra Zeneca

Origin: England

Drug Class: Atypical antipsychotics

Pharmacological effect: Seroquel contains an ingredient named quetiapine. This is an antipsychotic drug. This medication affects the chemicals in the brain and changes their activity.

Usage: Seroquel and Seroquel XR are used in treatment of schizophrenia. The medication also is used in therapy of bipolar disorder or manic depression. It may be used in combination with antidepressants to treat depression. Seroquel is recommended to people elder than 10 years old. Seroquel XR is recommended just to adults elder than 18 years old.

Aftereffect: Using Seroquel and Seroquel XR you may encounter adverse effects. More usual reactions: giddiness, chills, sweats, confusion, sleepiness and sensitivity to light. Unusual reactions: troubled vision, black stools, pain in chest, cough, abnormal speech, fever, slow movements, muscle pain, sweating and trembling.

How to administer (optionally): Use the tablets 2 or 3 times per day regardless of food. Take the tablets every day at the same time. The dosage is based on your age and disease.