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Stocrin (Sustiva) 600 mg 30 tabs

Stocrin (Sustiva) 600 mg 30 tabs
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Stocrin (Sustiva) 600mg 30 Tabs

Active Ingredients: Efavirenz

Manufacturer: Merck & Sharp Dohme

Origin: China

Pharmacological effect: Stocrin (Sustiva) takes part of the antiviral medications. This drug contains a substance named efavirenz. This medication also belongs to a group of NNRTIs.

Usage: Stocrin (Sustiva) is used in therapy of people with immunodeficiency. It is also used in combination with other medications to control HIV virus. This drug helps your immune system to work better.

Aftereffect: Using Stocrin (Sustiva) you may encounter adverse reactions. Call the doctor if you have: headache, weakness, giddiness, sleepiness, nightmares, vomiting, sickness in stomach, diarrhea and weight changes.

How to administer (optionally): Take one tablet per day. It is recommended to take Stocrin (Sustiva) at bedtime on an empty stomach. Try to use this drug at the same time very day.