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Strattera 18mg 28 caps

Strattera 18mg 28 caps
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Strattera 18mg 28 Caps

Active Ingredients: Atomoxetin Hydrochloride

Manufacturer: Lilly

License Holder: Eli Lilly

Origin: Puerto Rico

Drug Class: CNS stimulants

Strattera is one of the safest drugs for the treatment of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. Unlike the strongest psychostimulants (amphetamines and its derivatives), Strattera does not cause an intense euphoria and mental disorder.

Strattera contains an active ingredient Atomoxetine. A mechanism of the action consists in the noradrenaline reuptake inhibition. Unlike psychostimulants, Strattera does not increase an amount of noradrenaline but it prolongs its interaction with adrenoceptors.

Using Strattera increases a working capacity, improves cognitive functions, behavior, and interaction with society. According to the results of the medical studies, more than 50% of patients with ADHD taking Strattera within 12 weeks, have had a reduced impulsiveness, inattention and hyperactivity.

Strattera is a soft stimulant of the cognitive functions that does not cause hyperstimulation of the central nervous system, tremor and euphoria. The drug acts longer than Ritalin and has less side effects, and therefore it better works for the treatment of the ADHD in children.

Besides the treatment of ADHD, Strattera may be used during depression, low cognitive functions, and retardation.

Use and dose of Strattera

Strattera is produced in tablets for the oral use. A dose is individual depending on the patient’s age, body weight and disease symptoms.

Patients under 12 years old with the body weight less than 70 kg are recommended to begin the treatment of the ADHD with the minimal daily dose of Strattera 0,5 mg per 1 kg of the body weight. In 3-5 days, the dose of Strattera may be increased up to 1,2 mg of Strattera per 1 kg of the body weight.

Patient with the body weight more than 70 kg are recommended to begin the treatment from the ADHD with the minimal daily dose of Strattera 40 mg. In 5 days of the treatment, a dose can be increased up to 80 mg of Strattera per day.

If using Strattera 80 mg per day causes negative reactions in the gastro-intestinal tract, the daily dose may be divided into 2 parts, and a tablet of Strattera 40 mg is used in the morning and evening.

Recommendations for the use

  • As Strattera provides a soft psychostimulant action, there are many contraindications for the use: severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, disorder of the cerebral blood circulation, organic diseases of the brain, and epilepsy
  • If a patient has high blood pressure, Strattera should be carefully used because Atomoxetine provides a vasoconstrictive action
  • Do not use psychostimulants, caffeine, MAO inhibitors, alcohol, and nootropics during the use of Strattera
  • A stable therapeutic effect is achieved during the use of Strattera for at least 12 weeks

Side effect

The use of Strattera may be accompanied by the side effects peculiar for the psychostimulants, but they go softer in comparison with the use of Ritalin or Amphetamine.

Possible side effects of Strattera are low appetite, dyspepsia, sleepiness, irritation, low libido, high blood pressure, and tachycardia. A reduction of the daily dose will reduce a severity of the side effects of Strattera.