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Tarivid (Floxin) 400mg 5 tabs

Tarivid (Floxin) 400mg 5 tabs
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Tarivid (Floxin) 400mg 5 Tabs

Active Ingredients: Ofloxacin

Manufacturer: Pharmavision

License Holder: Sanofi Aventis

Origin: Turkey

Drug Class: Quinolones

Pharmacological effect: Tarivid (Floxin) holds a substance named ofloxacin. This medication is an antibiotic. It fights with bacterial infections. Tarivid (Floxin) blocks the gain of bacteria.

Usage: Tarivid (Floxin) is used in therapy of contamination's of urinary tract, lungs, chest, genital tract, skin and tissue.

Aftereffect: Call the doctor if you have the following adverse reactions: allergic reactions such as irritation, swallowing, swelling of tongue or lips, irregular heartbeat, fits, diarrhea, liver problems, giddiness, discomfort in the body and hearing problems.

How to administer (optionally): Administer one tablet once a day. At severe infections use it twice daily with food.