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Tiromel (Cytomel T3) 25mcg

Tiromel (Cytomel T3) 25mcg
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Tiromel (Cytomel T3) 25mcg 100 Tablets

Manufacturing Company: Abdi Ibrahim

Active Substance: L-triiodothyronine sodium (Liothyronine)

Origin: Turkey

Pharmacological effect: Tiromel (also known as Cytomel) is a medicine which replaces the hormone of the thyroid gland. This gland is responsible for the energy and metabolism in the organism. Tiromel is also named as Cytomel T3. It contains liothyronine sodium. The main hormone is T3. That’s why this medicine may heal many diseases.

Usage: This drug is used in healing of hypothyroidism, also of goiter (increased thyroid gland). Do not be used by people with obesity problems. Bodybuilders use it to maintain the metabolism. They use it weekly before competitions to maintain a very low fat ease. Athletes that use Tiromel in a low dosage say that the steroids are more effective with this drug because it helps the faster alteration of protein.

Aftereffect: Tiromel overdose may cause undesirable reactions. Call emergency if you feel pain in arms, back, alterations of appetite or menstrual periods, chest discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, problematic heartbeat or pulse, weight changes, nervousness, headache, fainting, sensitivity of heat and difficulties in breathing.

How to administer (optionally): Take it in an oral form with a glass of water. The recommended dose is 25mcg once a day. After that the dosage may be raised in 1-2 weeks. The maximum dosage is 75mcg once a day.


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